Corbin Throws [03-21-2020]


Normally I would be playing league today, but with the covid-19 situation, all sanctioned leagues and tournaments have been canceled through the end of April. I decided to try and keep some resemblance of a routine and played two scoring rounds.

The weather was nice with some wind here and there.

Just a nice view of the Spokane River just off the left of hole 1.
Pretty close to an Ace? I think so.
A similar view of the river near hole 5.
I guess I threw it a bit too far.
If I were to play the second Spring Fling round, it could have been this round. A good round, but I still think I should be throwing better at this course in these conditions.
A few strokes worse… hopefully, caused by the lack of flow with the number of players and social distancing.

My form has been going through some tweaks lately. I recorded one or two drives from each hole on AWOL to see how my form was when I had to throw a disc golf line. It was very similar to my field practice drives… which isn’t a good thing.

I will tweak one thing for a bit, but not enough to make it stick. I think I continue to do this with so many things that it’s no wonder my drives can be so inconsistent.

Also, the weather is warming up and that will be affecting the flight of the discs a bit.

Farragut Throws [03-20-2020]


It’s time for the Farragut Quad Course Challenge. I was going to take this on Wednesday, but I decided to do some formwork on the course… plus it was windy. The coronavirus has been ramping up big changes for everyone across the world.

On the golf side, first all sanctioned events were canceled until the end of March. This would have affected two league rounds that are new to the area. Secondly, the PDGA did the same through April and one of the local park departments did the same for one of the parks we use through May 20th.

In the big picture, these aren’t that big of a deal… but in my little disc golf world, it’s a big letdown to all the time and work that has been put in. On one hand, it gives me more time to work on my game, which needs help… but I will also miss competing against some of my new friends in the disc golf community. Either way, it was definitely on my mind.

It’s 11:48 am PST and it’s time to start the Farragut Quad Course Challenge.
I will take pictures of parked drive, even on Little Black Bear hole 10 [125′].
The same thing for hole 13 [82′].
A good enough start. I haven’t played the full course here in a while, so I am little rusty.
Not a good start to the AWOL round. This is from the position of the disc looking back at the tee pad… which is probably only 60′ away.
Another great drive with the Explorer on hole 2. I decided to go for the putt and made it. I was rewarded with this crazy wavy rainbow effect!
I missed the middle trees on AWOL hole 5 which made me happy since I tend to hit them more times than not. For a reason I can’t remember, I put my Wombat3 back in the bag. I think I had too many overstable discs and needed this trusty one for certain drives and upshots.
One of my better drives on hole 18, but not with the usual Ballista… but with the Explorer. I will start using this disc since it should fly a bit more consistently and will be easier to throw given the smaller rim size.
Not a great start for the longer courses. Hole 13 was particularly bad not only with the score, but my attitude took a big dip. No matter what I did, I was always hitting trees. Why are trees?
One of my best shots on Wreckreator hole 1 and the only time I have out thrown the basket. It’s not a long hole, but it’s made for a right-handed forehand, which I don’t have the control yet. I threw the Wombat3 on the typical anhyzer route, that usually hits a tree. This time it missed them and was rewarded with a rare birdie for me.
I decided to test out my new Lots disc and threw a very nice line. Now I just need to throw it farther!
It would have been great to have a video of this throw as it went down the middle of the initial fairway and landed with two options. I took the right lane option, which probably wasn’t the better choice.
Even with the two double-bogeys… this is one of my better rounds on Wreckreator.
One of my better drives and a chance to record my first birdie on this hole. Unfortunately, the sound of “clank” hitting the band didn’t help as with many holes during the day.
The Explorer flew wonderfully right into this monster of a tree bush thing! The disc was still flying straight when it hit this… thing, so maybe I need to throw something a bit more over stable.
It’s now 4:04 pm PST, about 4 hours and 15 minutes of throwing discs and fetching them.
This round is 11 strokes worse compared to my personal best. I bogeyed hole 2… which shouldn’t really happen and had struggles on holes 15 and 18 as well. Not a great way to end the day.

Overall, it was a beautiful day to play disc golf with the sun out, partly cloudly, and very little wind. I wish I was in a better state of mind to take advantage of this and score better rounds. I haven’t checked my previous challenges, but this might be the worst one overall.

DateLittle Black BearAWOLWreckreatorNorthStarTotalTo Par
Current Bests-15E+2-12205-25

Well, it wasn’t my worst, but it should have been better than the previous challenge, especially given the amount of time between the two. Maybe I need to do these more often to give me more opportunities so one “not so great day” doesn’t represent 6 months of practice.

AWOL Throws [03-12-2020]


With the bad weather, I decided to switch days since Friday is going to be snowing! I started off with my usual warm-up, which I may need to change back to putting and then throwing some drives separately. I then played AWOL and again… decided to play another round of AWOL with both rounds being scored.

This looks like a great drive… it would have been if I intended it to take the path it took.
The disc went through some of those trees to the left of the picture… not an intended line.
Why doesn’t this count as a completion of a hole?
My second best drive on AWOL hole 11. I went back through my old drives and I am getting better with my distance and a little better with my accuracy. I guess that’s improvement?
I was in the same basic situation as last time with a drive that didn’t reach it’s full potential… because I hit a tree. Instead of doing a forced putt style throw… I decided to do a proper upshot. This led to a par save, which I am good with.
It was nice to throw a solid drive on AWOL hole 13. I decided to not reach back as far and it may have helped with a good drive.
Well, I started off bad, except for hole 2. I was a little “not warmed up” and riding the wave of “not so good” rounds at Corbin earlier in the week.
This is the same picture as my first round hole 2. On my second round, the group in front of me allowed me to play through because they were doing a practice round. I stepped up to the tee pad with my trusty Explorer and threw the ideal line and speed on the disc.

The disc came to rest on the opposite of the basket, just past that little tree. My putt was a little obstructed, but fairly easy if I just putted from a knee, which I did make.

Now I would love to know what I did right on that throw!
On my second round, I had one of my best drives on hole 3. I thought to myself, this is a chance to get my first scored birdie. Well, I hit the chains on the right side and so the struggle continues.
You have to love it when you throw your line and the disc comes to rest just in front of the basket.
AWOL hole 15 is still a struggle. It’s only 272′ with a 15′ or so gap if you go down the middle… but it does allow a left to right route which is great for lefties and righties with a solid forehand… which isn’t me at this point.

This is my chance to save par with an upslope putt. I kept my chin up, got some weight shift, aimed high, and followed through well for the save.
Yay! The second round was an improvement of five strokes from the first round and a round I can be satisfied with.

I was glad to play the second round and get my short term confidence a little higher. A few things that I realized, but will probably forget…

  • I don’t need to reach back as far on lower power drives, but I still need to rotate my shoulders.
    • I told myself this during holes 7 & 8 on round two and it helped me to reduce those holes by 3 strokes, but I had a chance to save two more with better putts.
  • I need to continually keep my form cues in my mind. They are reminders of what I want to do and being able to experience what I am doing during my throw instead of going into autopilot mode.
  • Paige Pierce putts from the knee from time to time to keep her putting position similar to a normal putt. With the baby trees, it will be helpful to get more comfortable with putting from the knee.

Corbin Throws [03-11-2020]


The wind is picking up and after my not so stellar round or two on Monday, I decided to play Corbin again to get more practice.

This was during my third round after a typically bad drive on hole 13. I threw my second shot from the purple disc and it barely hit a tree and landed gently in the basket. I just had to smile and it was a nice “tree love” throw.
The disc resting comfortably in the basket.
This is just a random picture of the extended sun shinning on the trees on the fairways of holes 15 & 16.
I decent start to the day… but what happened on hole 17? I can’t recall why I scored a double-bogey, but it probably had something to do with trees.
I started off very well and ended up playing most of the round with someone I have played with before and his two friends. I don’t know what happened, but a landslide of bogeys occurred at the end of the round.

After some thought… I think I remembered what happened.

Hole 8: I threw a bad drive that ended up near hole 10. I should have thrown a more aggressive upshot, but ended up trying to do a big putt that got shot down by the wind.

Hole 12: The wind had picked up and as I was about to throw and since I was playing with others, I didn’t want to make them wait. I ended up throwing a drive that turned over to the right a lot. I should have had a par, but sometimes playing casually with others makes it a bit hard to get into a routine and I missed an easy putt.

Hole 14: Again, I rushed my putt and missed.

Hole 15: I threw it too far past the basket, but my putt had to flip up and roll down the hill about 30 feet away.

Hole 16: Sometimes I forget that I am not Simon Lizotte. I ended up trying to throw a stupid spike hyzer instead of a higher hyzer.

Hole 17: Trees, trees, and more trees.
I decided to play one more round to get some of the negative thoughts out of my system after that fairly bad round, especially given the start. Any round with no bogeys is a good round for me.

The wind was definitely on the high side as you can see on the bottom of the scorecards. It was nice to practice in conditions closer to what it should be like on Saturday… though it’s going to be very cold as well.

But on the other hand, the wind is constantly changing and the three drives I had on hole 12 demonstrate this very well. One went where I thought it would go and landed close enough to the basket, the second one didn’t do what I wanted and landed in the fairway of hole 8. The third shot [with a different disc and line] ended up to the right of the basket.

Ahhh, you got to love the wind.

Corbin Throws [03-09-2020]


The first sanctioned league in the area is happening this Saturday at Corbin Park. I haven’t played there in a while because the lack of snow is drawing me to Farragut. The weather was nice and the wind was low. I have played the course enough that I don’t really need to “practice” it, so I ended up playing three scored rounds.

The picture doesn’t show that I had to stand on a rock that was tilting forward and my balance was a little tricky. But I was able to get the putt… hopefully I was outside of the circle because I had to fall forward a little bit after the putt.
I gave hole 17 a good run with the disc hitting on top of the band and landing in the back right of the picture [orange disc].
A great start to my day with many birdies, but a couple of bogeys.
My second round wasn’t as nice. Fewer birdies, but the same number of bogeys.
Well, it’s getting worse… two less birdies but now I have an extra double-bogey. Not a good round.

Maybe I need more practice than I thought. I tend to have a hard time adjusting from longer courses to Corbin. Maybe I need a couple of more rounds just to get back into the Corbin mindset. Another issue may be that I get a bit lazy with my form because I can reach any hole here because they aren’t that far. This leads to inaccurate throws, which will definitely hurt my scorecard.

Cherry Hill Throws [03-06-2020]


I just “bought” some new disc with some scrips I received from a recent tournament. I picked up a Westside Harp, Kastaplast Lots, and a Kastaplast Grym. I decided to do a practice round at Cherry Hill, then score a round.

This is probably my best drive on the short position for hole 7 with my new Lots disc.
I tried a drive on hole 12 with my Berg and it hit the top of the band on the right side and…
…it landed here, down the hill.
This is odd… this is my best drive on hole 3 left side [185′ uphill], but it felt like it should have gone 350′ if it was on flat ground.
I have thrown better drives on this hole, but the putt was very nice.
My last three rounds, including this one, have been -1… which is nice to have that consistency. I still think that I shouldn’t bogey any of these holes, but yet I just carded four of them.

AWOL Throws [03-04-2020]


It was nice to be able to actually throw a little long on AWOL hole 7. Though it would have been better to get a birdie.
You know you are having a bad hole when this is where your third shot lands on a 255′ hole.
A great drive on AWOL hole 10 with options for my second shot.
This is where my second shot landed on the same hole which is a new best. I would consider this hole being parked since it’s 556′ long and I doubt I will be able to even come close to throwing that far.
One day I will learn. My upshot was a little farther back than what you can see in the picture. Instead of doing a calculated upshot, I went for a very long putt. The problem is that when I do this and there are trees around, the disc seems to find them.

The disc rolled back about 20 feet for an eventual bogey.
A nice opening round. I was able to par three of the longer holes and unfortunately bogey the other three.
It was a windy day and I decided to play a second round in the fairly protected course of AWOL. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a better round. But I do like that birdie on hole 10, which may be the only birdie and definitely my first scored birdie.